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 Guild Ranks - Read or die!

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PostSubject: Guild Ranks - Read or die!   Guild Ranks - Read or die! EmptySun Jan 11, 2009 10:33 am

Recently the leadership of Blood n Guts has decided to have a stronger emphasis on guild and raid organization. Guild ranks have been revamped completely to look something like this:

GM - Is the figure head of the guild. Have access to guild controls.


Officer - Those directly below Blood, Officers are responsible for a lot of the final decisons.

You officers are Esco, Caramun, Zellie, Wrongnumber and Headnoise

Class Leads - These members are responsible for running their class however they see fit. They can invite to guild and rank people within their class. Class leads are a part of the loot council as well as the Officers and GM and have full access to the guild bank and officer chat.

Mage Benjal
Paladin Neurocreep
Priest Lotus
Warlock Valdez
Warrior Ironhorse
Rogue Zarclean
Hunter Larusso
Shaman Wrongnumber
Deathknight Anntoeknee
Druid Treepower

Officer Alts - This rank is reserved for the alts of Officers and Class Leads so they can do any guild management needed while playing their alts.

Raiders - This is the core of the guild, Raiders are those we rely on to raid and kick some Bum. Raiders are determined by their interest in raiding, a class lead recomendation to be a Raider, as well as a good general knowledge of their class and raiding mechanics.

Raider Recruits - These are the fresh meat of our raiding, generally new members or social members who express an interest in raiding. Raider recruits are the future of the guild.

Social Members - These are generally friends of the guild or sub 80s within the guild. Social members are here to have fun in a non raiding capacity. If you are a social member and are interested in raiding, please talk to your class lead.

Alt - Alts of raiders and Social members

Guild Ranks - Read or die! V4wefd
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Guild Ranks - Read or die!
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